mapping culture to understand place

mapping culture to understand place

Author: Alysha Worth

At RobertsDay, we approach culture by thinking about it as having two dimensions:

  • The Material Dimension – the physical and tangible things like the cultural products and places (arts, museums, artefacts, language, landscape, built heritage, parks etc.)
  • The Value Dimension – the community experience (relationships, shared identity, memories and experiences etc.)

As part of the RobertsDay Great Places process (™), during a project’s Discovery phase  we take extra steps – adding to the analysis of demographic data and research – to take time to visit, watch, discuss and analyse the place. We do this by looking at the quality and sense of place, including understanding the embedded culture and character within the place fabric.

From this mapping exercise we have an informative tool that represents the unique components, which can be leveraged, improved and/or built upon as the project progresses. We then adopt a collaborative approach to developing the place vision and market positioning and on the ground activation / community development, which becomes a seamless and logical progression that integrates with planning and design development.

By approaching culture and place discovery in this way, we are in a valuable position to unlock a place’s unique character and point of difference; ensuring we can deliver great planning, design and place outcomes for our clients and future communities.

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