recognising great places: vision and delivery nets annie’s landing udia award

recognising great places: vision and delivery nets annie’s landing udia award

Author: RobertsDay

Annie’s Landing is the eighth and final village to be developed in the town of Ellenbrook. The village takes its inspiration from the Avon Valley, with its historic townsites and picturesque backdrop.

The Avon Valley character has been delivered through Ellenbrook’s comprehensive approach to community creation and the design and delivery of a number of innovative features:

  • Simple built form with a mix of architectural styles
  • Local Toodyay stonework detailing
  • Delivery of affordable product without compromising development objectives
  • Early provision of primary school
  • Providing points of interest spread throughout the elongated village to provide hubs of activity for all residents (the lake and adventure playground, village centre and primary school)
  • Streetscapes and parklands that reflect the ‘juxtaposition’ of ‘working’ and ‘natural’ landscapes that are common in the Avon Valley
  • Integration of public open space and conservation category wetlands within a village environment

The judges were quoted as saying:

“The creation of the distinct rural village setting and theme running through all aspects of the estate are key to the success of the project. The theme is reinforced throughout the built form, parkland, school and community facilities and give the project a respected success.”

“It’s definitely worth a drive through Annie’s Landing to see how LWP Property Group have envisaged and created such a desirable residential estate, setting a new benchmark in what can be achieved with a broad vision and attention to detail.”

RobertsDay is a proud to have the opportunity to work with LWP Property Group (on behalf of the Ellenbrook Joint Venture) and the project team to deliver this truly exceptional place.