yanchep lagoon masterplan receives international recognition

yanchep lagoon masterplan receives international recognition

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RobertsDay’s Master Plan for Yanchep Lagoon in Perth’s north has been shortlisted for an international engagement award at the 2019 City Nation Place awards in London.

Alongside projects from around the world including Chile, Finland and Costa Rica, the project’s nomination for the Best Citizen Engagement Award reflects the unanimous community support and endorsement received for the final Master Plan and our collaborative design process.



Community stakeholders were genuinely engaged as part of the process and, within days, could begin to see a Master Plan that reflected their views and values.


In partnership with our client the City of Wanneroo, we delivered a unique engagement process including digital place mapping, visioning workshops and a design charrette to inform a contextual and comprehensive Master Plan and implementation strategy.

This exemplary engagement process successfully overcame local frustration over past redevelopment in the area, addressed complex environmental constraints and established a vision for Yanchep Lagoon as a place that delights the senses and restores the soul.


“The Yanchep Lagoon Masterplan consultation was incredible. Seeing the concept plans after the two days of public consultation made me feel listened to.

After hearing many people being burnt out on giving an opinion, it was very refreshing to see everybody's concerns and thoughts listened to and implemented in a way that has made the vast majority pleased.

I'm excited to see what comes of the Masterplan in the coming years!”


In contrast to conventional consultation, our active community outreach involved over 5,000 people (more than 50% of the local population), including 8,500 visits to the project website, 11,500 combined reach across social media, 1,595 online map hits, and 300 completed community surveys.

Though a place-led approach, we transformed public sentiment and restored local confidence in the planning process.



The Master Plan re-framed a vision for Yanchep Lagoon by integrating currently disparate beachfront assets and public spaces into a singular coastal destination, with diverse experiences and economic opportunities.


Now in its fifth year, the City Nation Place Awards benchmark and celebrate placemaking, marketing communications, citizen engagement, and place brand strategy for towns, cities, regions, and nations around the world.

The winners of the 2019 City Nation Place Awards will be announced at the City Nation Place Global conference in London on 6 & 7 November. The event will bring together 200 delegates representing nation branding committees, city marketing boards, destination marketing organisations and investment promotion agencies around the world.

Whether in Yanchep or London, we're proud to have our passion for genuine engagement and collaboration with local stakeholders recognised for the benefits it brings to complex projects.

Read the plan in full or contact Placemaking Principal Zanda Cameron to find out more about this project.