alexander remmelt

alexander remmelt

senior urban designer, urban solutions, QLD

“My greatest motivation stems from the responsibility through which our profession allows us to make a positive impact on the future identity of our cities and environments. I am particularly inspired by urban renewal and city transformation projects that contribute to enhancing placemaking and creating interest within our urban form. As a Brisbane-ite, I am passionate about shaping the future direction and planning of this great City and our local counterparts.”

Alexander is an Urban Designer with over 7 years of industry experience and an extensive portfolio in private developer led projects throughout QLD, NSW and the Asia Pacific.

He has strong competency in understanding site constraints and technical considerations through his involvement in multidisciplinary teams and workshop environments on projects of varying typology and technical complexity. From a project’s outset, he has the ability to relate development outcomes to planning controls whilst also possessing a strong desire to challenge existing development models to deliver innovative solutions.

Alexander has successfully contributed to projects ranging from large scale master planning and visioning to smaller urban concept studies to achieve value add to landholdings and the immediacy of place.

His approach as a Designer is analysis driven and focuses on developing solutions with strong place making characteristics which are specific to the local context and end user.
t +61 7 3221 1311