andrew brodie

andrew brodie

senior associate, urban solutions, WA

“It all began with Gordon Cullen’s ‘Concise Townscape’ where I learnt the ‘art of seeing’ in the third dimension and the way in which townscape elements can be assembled to evoke different emotions – surprise, mystery, tension, harmony were all emotions that I had come to accept as missing from a suburban future.”

Andrew is a Senior Associate with qualifications in urban design and planning, with 17 years’ experience throughout Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

During this time, he has played a lead role in preparing master plans, design guidelines and detailed designs for a wide range of urban extension and infill projects.

More recently, Andrew has assumed an integrated design and planning role on major projects, successfully negotiating approvals with a place-based focus. Andrew is passionate about implementable innovation, drawing upon his extensive knowledge of future trends and firsthand experience in great places here and abroad.
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