ayeh haji

ayeh haji

senior urban designer, urban solutions, NSW

“Being born and raised in the capital of Persia with its past glory and striking boulevards, squares, bridges and historic monuments was the start of my interest in discovering how a sense of place can survive for centuries.”

Ayeh Haji has qualifications in both architecture and urban planning and six years’ experience working in Australia and overseas.

She started her career as an architect with Rahshahr International Group, a multi-disciplinary engineering and design group in Iran, which gave her the opportunity to get involved in different types of local and international projects.

Following her passion for urban design, Ayeh moved to Australia in 2012 and completed her Masters in Urban Planning before being appointed to architecture and urban design firm LFA, as an urban designer.

Combining her design and planning knowledge, Ayeh has prepared masterplans, design guidelines and detailed designs for a vast range of greenfield and infill projects.

t +61 2 8202 8000