bryony simcox

bryony simcox

urban designer + place planner, NSW

"I’m at my happiest sitting in a park or on a street watching life play out. The only thing that makes me happier is to see good design decisions having a positive effect on public life - whether it’s a faster commute, a safe place to play, or a wonderful evening on a lively street. It is our role as design professionals to solve complex urban problems whilst placing the wellbeing and lives of users at their core."

Bryony offers a passion for people and place, and more importantly the interface between them.

With an education in Architecture and experience working in community engagement, Bryony moved from the UK to further her career as an urban designer and placemaker. She has worked to prepare strategies for new and existing developments which consider liveability, sustainability, density, accessibility and economic feasibility for councils and developers in both the UK and Australia. She has also worked in community engagement and in the preparation of Activation Strategies for 'meanwhile' use.

Bryony is interested in non-traditional place values and  and how meaningful participation can build resilient, future-proof communities.