catherine simpson

catherine simpson

senior urban designer + place planner, urban solutions, QLD

Urban Design is becoming a social determinant of health which makes what we do so important and serious. Yet what I love about what we do is what happens between spaces and disciplines, - at the intersection of art and design or health and landscape you can create real moments of delight. The space between spaces is always the most dynamic and magical place to be. 

Catherine is an urban designer and place maker with over 10 years of experience working in international multidisciplinary firms within London, Copenhagen, Australia and New Zealand.

She brings a breadth of master planning and project management experience and has worked across sectors including healthcare, urban centre renewal, defence, public space, parklands, greenfield and play, placemaking and activation. She has a passion for the intersection of design, health and innovation and has spoken at conferences and summits within the U.K., Europe and Australia. In 2017 she designed the AILA Future Street in Circular Quay, Sydney and has since founded the initiative Green the Street which focusses on making Brisbane streets greener, healthier, active and inclusive with a focus on the U.N’s SDG’s. This work has lead to a new street typology for Brisbane City Council.  

In her spare time she enjoys giving back by helping to design spaces - and occasionally programs within music and arts festivals, as well as donating time to urban agriculture initiatives. 

She sits on the industry advisory board to the University of Queensland on their Masters of Urban Design course and teaches the PIA placemaking and activation course.
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