charlie chen

charlie chen

urban designer, urban solutions, NSW

I believe that great streets take multiple roles in urban life. They are more than public utilities, and more than a physical space that enables people and goods to get from one place to another; streets make the city more remarkable.

Charlie has qualifications in both urban design and landscape architecture, with more than three years’ working experience.

After finishing his first Masters, Charlie worked as a landscape architect in China, working on a myriad of projects including private gardens, community open space, waterfront space and municipal development projects.

Building upon this professional experience and fueled by Charlie’s passion for the built environment, Charlie completed a second Masters in Urban Design and Development at the University of New South Wales. At RobertsDay, Charlie has worked on Urban Design projects spanning detailed built form studies and feasibility testing through to visionary Masterplanning exercises. Charlie continues to use his strong design and technical skills to shape cities and towns as friendly and sustainable living environments.
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