drew jamieson

drew jamieson

senior urban designer, ACT

Whether we know it or not, the environment we live in affects us in many ways.  People benefit from walkable neighbourhoods with a diverse range of activities, which is lacking in many existing and new communities. 

I view the projects I work on from the perspective of a person on the ground; What do they see? What do they experience? How easy and safe is it for them to get around? How can their life be improved from this new community?

Drew is a Senior Urban Designer at RobertsDay, working in the Canberra Studio.

With a background in Architecture, Drew has combined this knowledge with a broad experience in Urban Design to create liveable precincts across NSW, ACT, and Asia.  Having a focus on new greenfield communities, Drew has been involved in some of the region’s largest priority neighbourhoods in the Sydney South-West Growth Centre, including Oran Park, Catherine Park Estate, Gregory Hills and Wilton Junction. Having returned to Canberra, he was the lead urban designer on the Whitlam Estate, the largest project the Suburban Land Agency has undertaken, and Jacka 2 a new community in a picturesque environmental area.

Drew is focused on ways to make neighbourhoods safer and more enjoyable environments, by allowing for multiple alternative methods of transportation and decreasing reliance on personal vehicles. His work in NSW was often transport orientated design, that benefited from, and built upon access to public transport, and cycle networks. He takes the experiences from these projects and introduces it to the work he is undertaking in Canberra.

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