duane cole

duane cole

partner, urban solutions, WA

“My journey to RobertsDay has followed an aspiration to do it better, make a difference and to uphold our profession, but it has also been a story of fellowship. I was finally working with the people that had most influenced my career. These people not only share the core values of best practice planning principles but are bonded with the common culture, ethics and principles that establish a fundamental foundation for an enduring practice.”

Duane is Joint Managing Director (West Coast) and formerly Perth Studio Leader (2008-17). He has 30 years’ experience in the town planning profession, which includes all areas of statutory planning and subdivision design. His experience in both public and private sectors has provided him with knowledge of leading design principles, approval processes and implementation strategies. He has developed techniques to invoke and implement innovative and commercial solutions, including the development of project strategy, coordination of multidisciplinary project teams and community consultation.

Duane has a keen interest in creating functional and sustainable communities and appreciates the importance of creating quality.

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