emma petersen

emma petersen

senior associate, urban solutions, VIC

“While wandering the streets of Perth with one of the Hatch RobertsDay Principals in my first year or two with the firm, I was urged to simply ‘open my eyes’ - the inspiration and precedent for the places we are trying to create is all around us – from the kerb detailing to the activity and people on the street.”

Emma is a Senior Associate with over 13 years’ industry experience, including 12 years working for Hatch RobertsDay.

As an urban designer, Emma has experience in the masterplanning and implementation of a range of projects at town and neighbourhood scales.

During Emma’s time at Hatch RobertsDay, she has led the design and interdisciplinary project teams on a range of projects across Australia, including new communities and urban regeneration.

Emma is responsible for the visioning, master planning, management, detailed design and delivery of projects, endeavouring to create the foundation for great places to evolve over time. 

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