erwin roberts

erwin roberts

founding partner, WA

"We can make a difference’... a very simple statement, which captured in an instant what we were about and what we might dare to achieve. Whilst initially the statement was more design orientated, it became central to our thinking – we could make a difference through design and design outcomes, but also in the way we approached our business and conducted ourselves, how we provided a service to our clients and how we interacted with those in the public sector when representing RobertsDay and our clients’ interests.”

Co-Founder of RobertsDay - Erwin has over 30 years experience in the planning profession in both the private and public sectors. As a founding partner of RobertsDay, Erwin has had an early involvement and provided the strategic, statutory and co-ordination roles for a range of major projects undertaken by the Company.  

Erwin has provided project leadership on large scale master planned communities, residential estates, infill and redevelopment sites and tourism projects.

Erwin’s areas of expertise include structure and master planning, strategic positioning, statutory planning, project co-ordination and project negotiation.
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