greg meckstroth

greg meckstroth

senior urban designer, NSW

When I was a kid I was obsessed with 2 things: maps and geography. I won’t pretend that these interests won me a lot of cool points among my peers, but they no doubt had a lasting positive impact on my career path and are responsible for my career in urban design and journalism advocacy. My goal is to craft these interests into an even clearer design approach that values human experiences and prioritises walkability in our cities and neighbourhoods.

Greg is a planner, award winning urban designer and published writer skilled in project and design management with industry experience across Australia, the United States, and Middle East.

Greg’s passion for place making has led to a career of diverse projects and freelance journalism advocating for the betterment of cities across the globe. Prior to arriving in Australia, Greg completed his Masters degree in Planning with an Urban Design focus and worked with architecture and urban design firms in the US on a wide spectrum of greenfield and infill projects, both large and small in scale.

Since arriving in Australia Greg has broadened his project experience, managing and coordinating strategy led master plans, designing new communities and city parks, and contributign to retail led revitalisation strategies.

Greg specialises in urban infill projects, waterfront sites, specialised centres and tactical urbanism.
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