holly julian

holly julian

architectural assistant, NSW

"The interesting thing about architecture is the wide range of forces that influence how a building comes into being. Architecture is shaped by historical precedent and political controls; and has direct environmental and social implications. As such, each project presents a unique opportunity to craft something that hopefully has a positive social and environmental impact. As a generally curious person, architecture is fascinating in that I get to learn something new every day."

Holly is an architectural assistant at RD, with experience in small-scale residential projects as well as larger public and commercial projects. She has a  particular interest in the interrelation between landscape architecture and the design of accessible public spaces.

She has a passion for environmental sustainability and is interested in how research can facilitate urban projects which have a positive effect on the natural environment. Holly is currently completing a Master of Architecture at UTS, where she has travelled to Japan, the USA and Europe on architectural study tours.

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