Marc Tarca

Marc Tarca

urban designer, NSW

“Place design is so important to our subjective nature. Our perception of place often determines how successful a place is or will be to those around us and whether we can relate to story being told. Whilst we all value different elements of great places, it generally comes down to a few simple principles: safe, engaging, fun, active, diverse, green etc. How we incorporate these principles through design and make places great, is what led me to urban design.”

Marc brings his passion for Urban Design and Place Making to RobertsDay, having previously worked in the public and private sector for boutique architecture, landscape architecture and urban design firms in Perth, Western Australia.

Currently undertaking a Masters of Urban Design at UWA/AUDRC, Marc has gained over 5 years experience with several urban design, place making, architecture and landscape projects including 3D modelling, Master Planning, 3D visualisations, graphics and developing built form & public realm design guidelines for numerous sites across WA, NSW & the NT.

Marc is particularly passionate about the story telling of urban design through hand sketches and graphical visualisation, as well as design techniques relative to Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). He aims to explore place making and urban design principles to make cities and urban spaces more vibrant, safe and active for people from all walks of life.