ross duckham

ross duckham

senior associate, urban solutions, WA

“I’ve always been passionate about the impact planning and design can have on the way we live, and I’m involved in planning to make a difference. I like to be challenged at work, to be made to think, and to solve problems. I’m constantly looking for opportunities to improve, to learn, to add to my skill set, and to share what I find with others.”

Ross is a Senior Associate with over 15 years' experience in statutory planning and project strategy.

Ross' experience includes working with multidisciplinary teams in structure planning for new greenfield communities, project leadership in large and innovative infill projects, identifying development opportunities, conducting due diligence for clients, negotiating major development approvals, strategic planning and policy development and advising clients on strategy.

Ross is currently studying environmental economics at UWA to enhance his understanding of the economics of development and sustainability, to assist clients to deliver optimal design and environmental outcomes.
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