stephen moore

stephen moore

partner, urban solutions, NSW

“In considering my future, I hope to continue drawing. Transcending its value as a technical skill, I believe that throughout history it is drawing which has successfully married artistic and scientific endeavours to create the foundation of the world’s most enlightened places.”

RD Director creating cities full of great places people love, everywhere. 

Identified by Fifth Estate as one of Sydney’s most influential designers and planners.  Leader on high profile projects: Greater Sydney Regional Plan, North-West Metro Transformation, Waterloo Urban Renewal and Western Sydney Parklands South.  

City of Sydney recognition as a key creative talent.  Contributor of the City’s Cultural Policy and Resilient Sydney, part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Initiative. 

Helps private sector clients create value by creating place.  Awards include GBCA Six-Star, Green Star Community; NSW Green Globe; UDIA National Best Residential Project; UDIA NSW Best Masterplan Community and PIA NT Great Place Award.  

Champion of walkability and urbanity. Committee for Sydney’s advocate on density done well. Panellist for NSW Government South-West Sydney Healthy City Symposium.  Keynote speaker for WSROC signing Walk21. Publications include Shaping Sydney’s Squares, Liveable Centres and Making Great Places. 

Part of Sydney University’s Faculty of Architecture. Tutors integrated urbanism and urban design studio for Master of Urban Design. 

Past life was London-based with a focus on major renewal projects: Birmingham’s Bullring and Sunderland’s Sunniside.
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