yudhie prastowo

yudhie prastowo

urban designer, NSW

"I love designing the built environment, whether it is architecture, urban design or landscaping. I enjoy the moment when I put pen to paper and start drawing a line, which then becomes a shape and form ready to be built in reality.

I started my path with architecture, following my interest in drawing and sketching. As a student of architecture, I used to only treat a building as a single built form without taking much consideration about the surrounding environment. My way of thinking started to shift when I walked along Orchard Road, Singapore, enjoying a feeling which was impressively different compared to when I walked along Soedirman Road, Jakarta. This simple experience then led me to a new field I am in now”

Yudhie has qualifications in architecture and urban design. He has almost 9 years experience working across the fields of architecture, urban design and landscaping throughout Australia and Indonesia.

He works on  projects at all scales, and stages from initial sketches, and design development through to documentation.