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Al Ain City, Abu Dhabi

Between 2006 and 2010 RobertsDay led the visioning and design of some of the most iconic projects in the United Arab Emirates.

This ancient Bedouin oasis city is the ‘cultural jewel’ of the UAE and birthplace of HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan, ‘Father of the Nation’.

Working out of Al Ain, RobertsDay led a team of international specialists over a two month period to develop a City Image Management Strategy (CIMS), to guide future growth.

Starting with a ‘State of the City’ analysis, which compiled available data into a ‘snapshot’ of the city’s character and community aspirations, the CIMS mapped out 156 recommendations under four ‘image enhancing’ themes – Ancient and Authentic, Contemporary Oasis, Sanctuary City and City of Knowledge and Learning.

As a testament to its success... the project shared a joint silver medal in the 2010 Liveable Communities Awards with Portland, Oregon.

Client: Al Ain Municipality Services: Strategic planning, urban growth management, urban theory and design, project management and consultant leadership Status: Approved February 2010

Project management, planning and urban design: RobertsDay Advisor and facilitator: Prof Greg Clark  Islamic architecture and urban design: Prof Besim Hakim Social research / consultation: Place Partners Branding: Martins Integrated Landscape: Context Economy: Urbis Transport and infrastructure: Mouchel