park pavilion synergising tradition and technology

Springwood NSW, 2016

The Lomatia Park Pavilion is a new sporting venue and storage facility located at the edge of Lomatia Park in Springwood. The pavilion, commissioned by Blue Mountains City Council, is designed to meet the needs of a range of passive and active park users.


In partnership with Council and the various users of Lomatia Park we distilled our brief and site appreciation into a list of key design principles. These principles focused the needs of the users and inform our design process.

Multi-sided building - Design a multi-sided building-in-the- round that balances diverse user- groups and a variety of views.

Adaptable use - Balance the ability for the pavilion to quickly open up and feel welcoming, against the need for security and graffiti resistance.

Build on tradition - Acknowledge traditional park pavilion building forms in the provision of a contemporary design that utilises cost- effective and durable materials.

Sense of renewal - The pavilion should be visually engaging and catalyse future park use by the public and growth in club memberships.

Client: Blue Mountains City Council Services: Architecture

PROJECT TEAM: Adam Russell, Holly Julian, Prudence Duncan