licensed for a new occupier-driven housing model

Sydney NSW, 2017

We are excited to announce our successful application to be a Nightingale Architect. 

We are one of only two architects with approval to license a Nightingale Housing project in Sydney. Together with Eastern Suburbs practice Silvester Fuller, we are actively pursuing sites, investors and potential purchasers to get the first few projects underway.

Like the idea of living in a Nightingale Model building in Sydney? Express your interest here.
Are you a land owner in Sydney interested in discussing responsible development of your land for a competitive return ? Express your interest here.
Investors looking for ethical ways to investment in Sydney’s housing market through Nightingale Model can also express their interest here.

Why are we pursuing the Nightingale Housing model? Nightingale stacks up in today’s housing market but flips traditional apartment development on it’s head. Nightingale completely re-calibrates the ‘risk / value’ equation of traditional developer driven housing. Sustainability and livability are prioritised in a robust financial model that is geared to improve affordability by up to 30%.

Purchasers committed to occupying the project themselves are united with their architect prior to the resolution of the design. This gives owners agency in the design process with opportunity to inform and shape their project. Rather than designing the building for a generic “investment market” the architect can tailor the project the specifics of this community.

Capped profits and an open-book approach provide a fair and equitable return to architects, consultants, investors and apartment purchasers.For RAW Architects the Nightingale Housing model is particularly attractive as it brings the joy of bespoke design for the end users into a more socially and environmentally sustainable housing typology than the single home.

How are we moving forward? It’s early days but we are calling out for potential investors and purchasers in Sydney to register their interest at

In our initial search for appropriate sites we are focusing on places that have existing social diversity, lower land values and good access to public transport. We are also discussing opportunities with land owners interested in joining a project as an equity partner. Nightingale Housing can empower existing land-owners who are concerned about the nature and impact of future development in their area.