a rhythmic urban edge to an activated street front

Harbord NSW, 2013

The Freshwater is a perfect balance between city sophistication and the lifestyle of the beach. 

Sitting on a key corner in the heart of the village, The Freshwater presents a rhythmic urban edge to the street. The footpath is activated with smaller shop frontages, a central arcade and a residential lobby.

A porous circulation system of naturally ventilated breezeways anchor a generous landscaped light court. Every opportunity for sunshine, views and fresh air has been maximised. Although the site is south facing we have achieved solar gain for 87% of the apartments, well over the SEPP 65 requirement.

Client: QPS Developments Pty Ltd Services: Architecture Number of dwellings: 23 Apartments

Project team: Adam Russell, John de Manincor and Imogene Tudor

Collaborators: JTA