a modest renovation to a well mannered suburban house

Riverview NSW, 2007

A reworked roof form admits northern sun from above whilst retaining district views to the south.

With minimal increase to the original footprint, new work focused on three main ambitions:

1. Engage the topography of the site to be experienced in the every day use of the home;

2. Provide a generous, well sheltered outdoor area that focused on the narrow city view and;

3. Draw northern sun into the south facing living spaces in winter yet exclude it in summer.

The new spatial configuration is complimented by double glazing, rainwater collection and an ability to close the house down into separate zones for colder months. Low VOC paints and sustainable, local timbers dominate the interior finishes. Plywood soffits in key outdoor areas punctuate the journey from entry through to the rear terrace and loggia.

Client: Private client

Project team: DRAW, Adam Russell, Tom Tang, Chris Kelly
Collaborators: Serrao Smith