20 years. 600 clients. 50 people. 80 awards…and counting.

Clients across Australia and globally engage us to help them create special places with a clear market edge.  Projects that range from complex infill sites to the masterplanning of tomorrow’s new communities.

The common thread running through all our projects is our ability to transform our client’s initial vision into commercially successful and celebrated places.

For us, this is the true measure of a project’s success. And it’s one we consistently achieve using our Great Places Process and our integrated place, planning, design and architecture service.

  • why

    Our goal on every project is to exceed client expectations. Clients come to us with the aim to create places that will make a difference to people’s lives. Places that are exciting, beautiful, sustainable and liveable. Places built on authentic foundations; that naturally evolve over time and create a sense of belonging. Places that remain relevant and leave a lasting legacy.

    To do this, we use our six-step, ‘Great Places’ process. 

  • how

    Great Places Process

    There is something magical about great places that can be difficult to describe, but impossible to ignore. They seem almost effortless, but this is rarely the case. More often they are the result of the right expertise working closely with unique local attributes of culture, history, architecture and landscape.

    How do we create a place like this for you?

    Our Great Places Process has been developed after more than 20 years consistently creating signature projects that are lived in, vibrant and commercially successful.  

    Built on the wisdom of industry greats and fine-tuned through our award-winning projects, it’s a repeatable process that produces unrepeatable outcomes.

    our process wheel

  • what

    Our service

    Our goal on every project is to exceed our client’s expectations.

    Our clients come to us with the aim of creating places that will make a difference to people’s lives. Places that are exciting and beautiful. Places that can naturally evolve to leave a lasting legacy.

    Our integrated service of placemaking, design, architecture and planning sets us apart. It also differentiates our clients and their projects.


    Placemaking is a critical, yet often forgotten part of creating and revitalising great places.

    We begin placemaking from day one. It’s central to a creating a tailored place vision to underpin successful project delivery. With a strong place vision, everyone works towards the same end goal – from place branding through to governance, urban design, built form and community development.   

    Our approach is to discover what’s unique and special about each place.  Who will live and visit there? What will their experience be like?  How will it be different from the competition?

    This approach unlocks a project’s full potential, focusing on the experiences of the end-user from the outset for targeted market positioning.


    Great design has the power to transform ordinary places into great places. We know that a great place is a loved place and that loved places build brands and improve sales.

    So how do we design for a great place?

    Before we even put pen to paper, we make it our priority to understand our client’s goals, listen to communities and establish the ‘signature’ aspects of each place.

    We listen, observe, measure and analyse, working across disciplines to find innovative solutions to the most complex challenges. 

    Then, we design. 

    Our designs implement the project vision – pushing boundaries where necessary and building on good precedent to create places that will enrich people’s lives, respond to emerging markets and create a point of difference for our client’s brand. 


    Our clients benefit from a tailored planning service that provides a clear pathway to approval. Our planners understand the urban environment, working with our designers and architects to develop exciting, inspired solutions that add value to clients’ projects.

    We are collaborative, innovative, independent and frank.

    Our ability to engage early to identify opportunities, resolve issues and secure buy-in for the project vision sets us apart.   Coupled with a depth of experience and long-standing relationships with decision-makers, we successfully convert the most transformative and innovative projects to approval.