195 Pier Street

Perth WA, 2019

RobertsDay’s integrated service offer of planning and place facilitated a timely planning approval for our clients, resulting in the largest plot ratio bonus for a residential development within the City of Perth, delivering community facilities and paving the way for much needed affordable and social housing in the City.

A detailed review of the site and its surround’s history, urban structure, land use and employment, and future developments demonstrated how the neighbourhood was transforming. It informed the delivery of a community facilities on the ground floor, a temporary park, car-share scheme, an activated laneway with future development potential and opportunities for public art, community use and activation.

The resultant planning approval and 42.5% plot ratio bonus will enable the delivery of build to sell apartments, integrated social and affordable housing and a community / co-working hub on the ground floor, signalling a new approach to delivering fit for purpose housing and integrated vertical communities in the city context.  

RD added value to the project by:

  • APPROVAL STRATEGY + DEVELOPMENT UPLIFT: Informing the planning approval process and strategy through the preparation of a Place Strategy, which included engagement of stakeholders, identifying the need, justification and management of public amenity and negotiating the consideration of integrated social housing as a distinct public benefit;
  • TENANT SELECTION: Providing data and context to suggest appropriate ground floor tenants and support business investment decisions;
  • MARKETING, BRANDING + POSITIONING: Providing a narrative to the evolving neighbourhood to support the branding of the development and informing a brief for a marketing agency;
  • COMMUNITY NETWORKS: Facilitating stakeholder buy-in and generating community support and involvement in the development process; and
  • SHARED VALUE: Aligning the aspirations of private developers, local government and the community to facilitate the delivery of public benefit.  

Client: Department of Communities + Peet Limited Services: Planning & Placemaking Site area: 3,099sqm Status: Current

Architects: Klopper and Davis Architects, Engineers: Wood and Grieve Engineers Transport: GTA Consultants