East Perth WA

Belvidere, a mixed use urban neighbourhood, forms part of Claisebrook Village, located within the East Perth Redevelopment Area. Claisebrook Village is Western Australia’s largest inner-city urban renewal project.

Conversion of a former bus depot

The Belvidere site contained a former bus depot and was remediated and redeveloped by the East Perth Redevelopment Authority, under the East Perth Redevelopment Act 1991 (EPRA).

Working hand in glove with industry leaders in real estate and housing

In the early phases of the project Roberts Day, in concert EPRA’s real estate advisor Paul Conti and Claude Giorgi of Buildwise, jointly prepared a conceptual, practical masterplan which fostered access to the Swan River and maximised panoramic views to Central Perth.The unique blend of real estate knowledge, local building expertise and site specific planning provided a successful response to an existing architectural design that was limited in lot diversity and contextual integration.

True, Mixed Use

The final design resulted in a rich and legible urban character with a unique sense of place and belonging. The product mix comprised a mix of offices, home/offices, duplexes, medium density town homes and an eight storey apartment building. Belvidere conveys a strong sense of local identity and place, while complementing the established interconnected street pattern, an intrinsic part of the urban character of the East Perth Redevelopment Area.

Context, Sensitive Design

The urban structure is designed to facilitate walking and cycling through carefully planned linkages and street treatments that encourage a low traffic speed environment.

Physical and cognitive links to the Swan River foreshore, Claisebrook and the wider East Perth Redevelopment Area are also reinforced through the design.

The Landscape and architectural qualities of the site contribute to its cosmopolitan feel and diversity. Defining elements include tree lined streets, bold public art and a compact built form. Buildings of complementary height, scale and setback frame streets and central avenue.

Market Response

The diverse product mix was rapidly taken up in the marketplace. 

Commentary by residents of Old Belvidere Promenade

"OUR MOTTO: A Good Neighbourhood will guarantee us not only security and safety but also a high standard of living and health which will extend our life. The first wealth is health. Be in touch and socialise with others."

Client: East Perth Redevelopment Authority Services: Urban Design and Masterplanning Site area: 4.5 Ha Status: Completed 1995 - 2002

Awards: UDIA State and National Awards for Excellence

Urban Design and Planning: Roberts Day Architecture: Sharni Howe Architects, Overman Zuideveld Engineering: Wood and Grieve Landscape: Tract Surveyors: McMullen Nolan and Partners