Bondi Junction Complete Streets Strategy

Sydney NSW

Waverley Council engaged RobertsDay to transform Bondi Junction from car centric to people centric, giving priority to pedestrians, cyclists and transit users.

As lead consultants, RobertsDay prepared the Bondi Junction Complete Streets Strategy, compiling extensive urban data to outline the Council’s public space improvements for the next 20 years.

RobertsDay’s approach was to curate a series of ‘pop-up’ initiatives to give the public the opportunity to experience the vision for themselves.

The use of pop-ups also enabled Council to gather ‘real-life’ metrics on how people use the public domain. 

Experience the evidence

Rather than reading a report, the pop-ups enabled people to experience what the transformation could be. This approach to gathering place-led evidence ensured a far more informed view.

Winning over the community

Overwhelming public support of the pop-up experience gave Council confidence to endorse the Complete Streets Strategy.


60% of retailers reported an increase in business during the first 3 months.


RobertsDay’s strategy of using pop-ups to demonstrate how place-led evidence can support decisionmaking was awarded PIA(NSW) Best Planning Idea 2014.

Client: Waverly Council Services: Urban Design, Place Making Site area: 55ha Status: Implemented

Awards: PIA (NSW) Best Planning Idea 2014 

Place making and urban design: RobertsDay Landscape Design: Andersen Hunter Horne Engineering: Cardno Economics: KPMG