Wyndham Vale VIC

A walkable community between the Werribee River and the Wyndham Vale transit node

Major urban release area in Melbourne’s west

Roberts Day led the Precinct Structure Planning for this significant 500 hectare landholding in the Western Growth Area of Melbourne which incorporated the principles of walkable neighbourhoods and urban villages in the PSP.

The concept designed by Roberts Day sought to increase the vitality of the proposed town centre by locating the retail core within extensive areas of medium density housing and establishing connections to schools and playing fields through signature avenue streets with dedicated cycle paths.

Jubilee walkability showcased by CEO Victorian Planning Authority  

In preparing the design of the first urban village, Roberts Day worked with the Victorian Planning Authority, the project team and the City of Wyndham to create a place with a legible structure and distinct character. Strong visual connections between the major open spaces and a local activity hub as well as a hierarchy of avenue streets radiating out from the heart of the village are signature elements of the plan. The CEO of the Victorian Planning Authority showcased the PSP prepared for the site as an exemplar of  more pedestrian based planning for Melbourne’s urban growth areas.

A design tailored to the marketplace

In concert with the Oliver Hume marketing and sales team, a detailed sub-division design was prepared incorporating a market tested matrix of lot types. Distinct quarters within the village respond to detailed market analysis prepared by the project social research team.

Roberts Day assisted the marketing team explore and refine the brand identity for the project through a number of visioning workshops. 

Client: Lotus Living Services: Precinct Structure Planning, Concept Masterplanning, Detailed Design Site area: 500+ Ha Number of dwellings: 5,000+ Status: Under Construction

Urban Design and Masterplanning: Roberts Day Land Developer Consultants and Town Planning: Watsons Marketing: Oliver Hume