Ogilvie Road

Ogilvie Road, Canning Bridge WA, 2022

The Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan (prepared by Hatch RobertsDay) proposes a vision for the precinct to evolve into a unique, vibrant and creative community.  

The streetscape upgrade will include new street tree planting, landscaped verges, rain gardens, public alfresco seating areas, widened footpaths, improved pedestrian accessibility, crossings, improved on-street parking bays, traffic-calming measures and public artwork.

The project aims to create a streetscape in keeping with the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan Vision, whilst maintaining the residential character at the southern end of the street. It will also aim to improve walkability, vibrancy, parking, shading and tree canopy coverage around local businesses and residences.

In 2021 external consultant Hatch RobertsDay was appointed to review and analyse Ogilvie Road's opportunities and constraints and prepare two draft concept designs. Aligning to the design and streetscape vison for the Canning Bridge Activity Centre and guided by the needs of the local community, the two concepts aim to maximise provision of public spaces and build a unique identity for the precinct.

In undertaking this project, Hatch Robertsday:

  • Engaged closely and regularly with the City of Melville project team

  • Prepared four preliminary concepts for street upgrade, and narrowed these to two concepts for public engagement purposes

  • Worked closely with the City’s project team to review and refine the plans (through face-to-face workshops, and also using a MIRO platform to enable full team review capabilities via Teams)

  • Undertook detailed documentation of the preferred concepts, taking into account existing infrastructure, services and approved plans (CAD designs)

  • Produced 3D models of the selected concepts, inclusive of all abutting existing and future buildings

  • Produced 3D animated flythroughs of the concepts for public consultation purposes

  • Undertook a ‘Walkshop’ with community and business stakeholders to gain preliminary feedback on the options. The Walkshop involved a site walk with all attending stakeholders, a facilitated workshop session, and use of MentiMeter to quantify stakeholder responses.

  • Produced a consultation package for use by the City in an on-line engagement program.

The flythrough video can be viewed here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-Awo5ZJ6Hw&t=209s

Client: City of Melville Services: Streetscape Design, Landscape Design, 3D Visualisation, Public Engagement